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Thrive Therapy & Counseling provides high quality therapy to Highly Sensitive People and to kids, teens or adults struggling with anxiety, depression or self-esteem.

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HSP Online Support Group

A place where a small group of Highly sensitive people can connect online each week, learn about their trait, support one another and thrive!

know you're ready to learn more about group?            

do you:

  • Worry that you're "too emotional?"
  • Feel like your brain never stops? Find yourself worrying about and analyzing things constantly?
  • Think you need to “grow a thicker skin” and be like everyone else?
  • Get overwhelmed easily? 
  • Wish you didn’t take things so personally?
  • Feel worn out from always wishing that you were “stronger?”
  • Want to just want to be "normal" for once in your life? 

Are you a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP) who is ready to move beyond the putdowns, develop some new skills and even learn how to be more kind and gentle with yourself? What if you could find some peace and acceptance?

Then, this group is designed for you!

You’ll learn, explore and gain support while connecting with other people just like you. We’ll incorporate some mindfulness practices, creativity and skill-building. As a highly sensitive therapist, I’ll be leading the way, sharing my learning and supporting your growth. We'll also incorporate Elaine Aron's The HSP Workbook to support growth and offer journaling in between meetings. Let’s connect, learn, support one another and have fun!


  • Better understand yourself
  • Learn new tools and skills
  • See that you’re not alone!
  • Embrace the role sensitivity plays in your life
  • Build self-compassion



  • WHEN: Next group starts April 2018

  • WHERE: Online video meetings (Don't worry--nothing you need to do other than have a computer/laptop with a built-in webcam OR you can use your phone. I'll be sending out all the info for how this works, so no need to stress about it. ;) )
    • Video meetings last for 1 hour
    • Homework and journaling exercises for in-between meetings
  • WHO: HSPs who want to connect with others and focus on understanding, growing and embracing their sensitivity, instead of working against it
  • WHY: One of the most important things HSPs can do is connect with one another. We live in a world that mostly does not understand or fully appreciate our trait, but 15-20% of the population IS highly sensitive. We deserve to have a safe, welcoming place where we can be supported and support one another while learning about, appreciating and focusing on how to embrace the strengths of our trait and work with its challenges. This group is a reprieve from the busy world and is just for YOU, dear HSP. 
  • COST: $40 per weekly group. Request initial commitment to 3 months of group.

Hi! I'm Ivy Griffin, and I'm so excited that you're interested in group! I'm a licensed mental health therapist, and the owner and director of Thrive. I specialize in working with HSPs in my therapy practice, and I write a monthly blog--Tips from a Highly Sensitive Therapist.

I'm an HSP myself who is constantly learning and developing my own understanding of this personality trait on a professional and personal level, and I'd love to help you do the same!  

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